Clients that come to WD know they have challenges, and look for us to help them determine the key gaps and strategies to improve their performance. Our team has years of experience in making this happen. Our key focus is to consistently deliver exceptional solutions and services to our clients in the following major areas:

Root Cause Analysis

WD helps organizations solve problems and make better decisions. Our staff provide expert training and mentoring in Root Cause Analysis and problem solving techniques, and provide mentoring and supplemental support to Root Cause Analysis Teams.

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NRC Supplemental Inspection Support

WD partners with stations to correct performance declines leading to NRC Supplemental Inspection Procedures 95001, 95002, and 95003. We help diagnose the underlying causes of performance declines, develop effective sustainable actions to correct the causes, and implement corrective actions and improvement plans.

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Performance Improvement and Training

WD is an industry leader in developing and implementing effective performance improvement programs. We provide expertise in the areas of training, human performance, assessment, metrics, and trending and analysis.

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Staff Augmentation

WD provides high quality well qualified, top-notch professionals to augment our clients' staff. New WD employees are screened rigorously to ensure we provide results oriented, highly motivated, and competent staff to augment our clients' organization.

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WD clients benefit from our Senior Leadership Team’s in-depth expertise in leading performance improvement efforts.

Each of our owners and senior leaders have decades of experience in driving performance improvement efforts and understand the processes, people, and culture that must be in place to achieve sustainable results. The goal of the Senior Leadership Team and our associates is to help our clients solve performance issues and to equip the next generation of plant personnel with the context, knowledge, and resources that they need to systematically and continuously improve plant performance and safety.

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