WD Associates is a nuclear consulting services company.

In our 21 year history we have developed a reputation for delivering exceptional services and solutions to our clients in nuclear power plants, fossil stations, pipelines, and government facilities. Our services help clients solve problems. This includes root cause analysis, performance improvement, training, NRC Supplemental Inspection support, and staff augmentation.

WD clients benefit from the in-depth expertise of our senior leadership team in leading performance improvement efforts. Our owners and senior leaders have decades of experience in solving problems and driving performance improvement efforts. We understand the processes, people, and culture that must be in place to achieve sustainable results. The goal of WD Associates is to help our clients solve performance issues and to equip the next generation of plant personnel with the context, knowledge, and resources that they need to systematically and continuously improve plant performance and safety.

We consistently deliver exceptional solutions and nuclear consulting services to our clients in the following major areas:

If you would like to explore how WD Associates can provide nuclear consulting services or staff augmentation for you organization please give us a call.

WD Associates - Services

WD provides expert, high quality solutions to help our clients in high hazard industries solve problems and improve performance. We provide services ranging from targeted fixes for specific problems to integrated organizational improvements.